Speedboarding at Nazaré

Today we did a very nice drop at Nazaré Street. The gang was the regular CWB Speed Guys (Lat, Gui, Garais, Maito and myself) plus Davi.

It was a good drop because so many people had accidents in the last month and it’s nice to see all of then recovering and speedboarding again. Just to remember, Lat fell down in Alphaville and had a dislocated elbow; Maito hit a eletric pole in a rainy evening (gui and I fell down also, he got a fissure in one of his fingers and I had a hurt chest) and Davi hit an guard-rail when he tried to drift from a luge that had a hard slow down in front of him.

Men, this sport hurts! I do like it a lot, but already started to think the pros and cons. It’s a bad felling start to think about that. When I did skydiving ten years ago I had the same feeling; it’s a mix of fear, adrenaline and exciting. Well, I’ll do my best to skate safe and do not get hurt, to learn and be confident with my level of expertise and do not push to much the envelope. I do not want to be in the bleeding edge; one mistake and you can get really bad.

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