Speedboarding Crash

I only knew it yesterday…

Saturday night three friends from my speedboarding community planned to do a session in the Candido Hartmann street that is near my house. The guys were Pedro, Alysson and Davi. Well, to make a long story short this is what happenned. A friend of Alysson was supposed to stay in the botton of the slope and take care of the security. He did not know how to do it; it was his first time doing that.

He tried to stop a motorcycle and the pilot stoped right in the lane that the guys were droping the street. The Hartmann street allows speeds from 60 to 90km/h and the worst happenned. The guys were at very high speed when the motorcycle stoped in their lane. Davi could make a move and almost crash in the motorcycle. Pedro drift from the bike but crashed in the street, hiting hard his elbow. Alysson did a big slide but crashed right in the bike. He broke a finger and hit hard his chest.

Pedro went to the hospital and had to make a cirurgy. The put wires in his elbow.

I’m starting to think if this sports worth the risks involved. Sad, very sad…

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