Dune Messiah

I’ve just finished reading again Dune Messiah. It’s the second book in the Dune Chronicles series.

I love the Dune books. Since I’ve heard about the series twenty years ago I was hooked. The first book (Dune) I read in 1986 followed by the sequels. The Dune books consists of 6 books written by Frank Herbert. His son, Brian Herbert wrote a bunch of others in partnership with Kevin J. Anderson. The books from Frank Herbert are wonderful; the ones from his son are good, but do not compares with the fantastic vision Frank Herbert got in his Dune books.
For those that do not know the basic plot of Dune (do you live on Earth?) it tells the story of a planet (Dune) that is covered with sand almost everywhere. Dune has a geriatric spice called melange that extend life and can give prescience to some people. In Dune lives the Fremen, native people similar to Tuareg here on Earth and they can live in the hazardous conditions of the desert. To Dune travels the Atreides Clan to control the production of melange that exists only there.

And the book goes on with plots within plots within plots.

The entire series is a marterpiece of science fiction. Probably the only book that match what Frank Herbert did with Dune is The Lords of the Rings, from Tolkien.

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