Lucid Dolphin Dream

Today I had one more lucid dream; 12 from the beginning of my lucid dream study. I went to bed very earlier (09:00pm) and could rest a lot and be very relaxed. Maybe it helped to induce the lucid dream.

In the dream I remembered the lucid dream task from the Dream Views forum and tried to look for a dolphin. I called Flipper but the only thing I got was a very tiny dolphin. He did not talk to me. I decided to search in another place and flight to the ocean.

Eventually I found a dolphin, swimming in a huge mansion. I tried to talk to him but he did not talk to me. The transformed himself in a man, but his nose was a dolphin nose.

I also tried the pinch your nose reality check that Lucid Blogger said in a previous post. It worked really well! Thanks a lot LB!

I had 2 more dreams, one fuzzy and one very vivid. Three dreams for the night.

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