Trikke 3CV

I have just discovered a new toy, the Trikke.

According to the Trike Tech web site:

A Trikke 3-wheeled cambering vehicle is a human powered 3-wheeled device that has no mechanical drive train. It’s articulated frame can lean into turns while keeping all three wheels in contact with the ground. The 3-wheeled stance provides riders with excellent stability at all speeds including a dead stop and is a marked improvement in balance, control and stability over traditional machines like scooters, skateboards, inline skates and even bikes. What really sets this new machine apart is its novel method of propulsion. With the exception of inline skates, traditional machines have a mechanical drive-train (chain or belt drive) or require that you kick off of the pavement like scooters and skateboards to propel them. Despite the fact that a cambering vehicle has no drive train, a rider can propel it indefinitely with an extraordinary level of efficiency without touching the ground. Though designs for three wheeled cambering vehicles of all kinds date back nearly 100 years, patented Trikke cambering products are the first ever cambering vehicle to be produced and distributed world wide.

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