Good Blog Advices

Good advices from ThisBlogThing Blog. Obvious things, but really good ones: use your own voice and make quality content.

When I talk about obvious things don’t get me wrong. Almost all the people knows the obvious things to do in their life, but the majority still don’t do it, procrastinating and living in a day to day basis, going nowhere.

Why this happens? Why people still live the life of others instead of their own?

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2 Responses to Good Blog Advices

  1. Don M says:

    Thanks for the props. Blogs (like life) are a continuous work in progress. I am learning to just enjoy the journey and speak with my own voice. Keep up the good work! DM

  2. cerebus says:

    Hi DM!

    It’s not so easy learn to hear your own voice. Sometimes people just don’t know which way to go, myself included! 🙂

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