Thou Shalt Blog?

Pro Blogger Darren Rowse launched a Group Writing Project to fellow bloggers share their blogging goals. I think it’s a nice try for several reasons but the first one is that I’ve just configured WordPress at my own website one day ago.

I started blogging at blogger in 2002 and two months ago I moved to The main reason to move was that blogger was not so flexible as wordpress and I missed features like tags and trackback.

And why I’m moving again from to my own site?; lack of speed in and adsense. When I used blogger the interaction was always fast. When started to use I felt sometimes that the connection was really slow. Maybe it was my problem but after a month I started to think in moving the blog to my own website. When I discovered that didn’t allow adsense to run in their site I was frustrated and thought: “I’ve just moved my blog to a new place and it lack again something that I want”.

After that I study the possibilities and thought that the best thing to do was move again. So, new blog, new expectations 🙂

My blog doesn’t have a large amount of traffic, but as everyone I hope it changes over time. My kudos to Darren to help people increase their traffic (and their motivation too)!

And traffic is a real motivation to post more. Last month, when I posted about the murder of a young girl I saw my traffic skyrocket. That reaction told me that almost everyone can be interesting; you just have to write something useful.

In my case I had the right timing concerning the Anna’s post. I watched her memorial video on youtube (I think it was just uploaded at that time) and posted about it, trying to express that people carry a lot of feelings in their relationships over the web.
My post on wordpress had a lot of sad comments from people that I had never met but share the same feelings that I had when I watched the video.

I think my main goal with this weblog is to share my discoveries with people around the world, to connect with them and to spread my beliefs and goals.

Life in peace.

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5 Responses to Thou Shalt Blog?

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  2. doll says:

    Who thought technology and life willl blend this way through blogs so soon. Nice post.

  3. Lisa says:

    I think that is a wonderful goal, best wishes to you!

  4. Jarkko Aho says:

    It is almost scary to combine words like murder of a young girl and useful. People are always going after strong emotions no matter good or bad. What are your beliefs by the way?

  5. cerebus says:

    Hi Jarkko, thanks for your post!

    Yes, I agree with you about murder/useful words together. But don’t get me wrong. My post was useful because lots of people that were trying to know more about Anna found my blog, watched the memorial video and share the pain and disbelief of her murder.

    When I saw the video I was really touched with the images and the words to her. It was a very sad thing. But as I was sad I just tried to make a point, saying that the web is full of deep feelings, support and friendship. In that way I thing my post was useful.


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