Anna Svidersky Memorial Video

Who said that the Web doesn’t have feelings?

Anna Svidersky Memorial Video

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  3. kristen says:

    RIP!!! Anna i didnt know you, but you had such an impact on my life for that i truly LOVE YOU!!!

  4. Anna says:

    im so sorry about what happened.
    i live in Denmark, and the story about Anna, hurt me so much.
    rest in peace.
    there is to much people who miss you

  5. kiki says:

    dear anna’s family and friends i live in portland oregon i just want to let you all know that i still FEEL REALLY,REALLY BAD THAT YOU LOST ANNA I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL BECAUSE I LOST MY DAY WHEN I WAS SIX YEARS OLD AND KNOW I COME TO FIND THAT MY BIRTH MOM DINA DIED SOME TIME LATST APRIL ON 4/20 ALSO I DONT KNOW ALL WHAT HAPPEND BUT I NEVER GOT TO TELL HER THAT I LOVED HER AND THAT I WISH SHE COULD BE IN MY LIFE because she was never there for me but what i know is,is that she did get to se me and my sister when we where born and i feel terrriable when i saw on yspace that anna had died and then saw it on the news i just broke down i don’t think that any crazy guy would just go in to any place and just kill anybody i think that he needs some SEARIOUS help and i pray that he gets it and stops killing people and i have been praying for your family and friends to get strong and i’m still praying for your family and even anna’s freinds i just gets tears to my eyes just to write about it i feel like i knew her personily and i feel like she is apart of my life and i know that she is in a better place i know that she is in (*HEAVEN*) looking down on al of her friends and family and all of her loved ones so (*GOD BLESS YOU ALL *) AND I WILL KEEP YOU ALL IN MY PRAYERS GOD NEVER SAID IT WOULD BE EASY AND HE ONLY GIVES US THINGS WE COULD HANDLE.

  6. i saw this story about anna about a year ago. when i watched all the videos on anna they made me cry. and after seeing her myspace and all the news storys about the murder. i felt like i knew her in some way.
    its frikking horrible what happened and i hate how people say shes in a better place when the better place is at home with her family.
    she shouldent have died so soon.
    RIP anna.
    Jordyn & Gaby

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