Star Zeta Herculis Was Enveloped by My Light Cone

June 27, 2006 on 12:56 pm | In Astronomia | No Comments

Zeta Herculis is 35.2 light years away and was just enveloped by the outer surface of my light cone – my ever-growing sphere of potential causality – which began its expansion from Earth on April 21 1971.

Sources of Traffic to

June 25, 2006 on 11:15 am | In Blog | 2 Comments

Following this idea of Problogger Darren Rose, I’d like to thanks the following websites for giving traffic to me:

And here are the top ten countries that visited this quiet and zen space at the web:

    • Brazil
    • USA
    • Netherlands
    • Portugal
    • Great Britain
    • Australia
    • Israel
    • Japan
    • Switzerland
    • South Korea

      My traffic comes 66.7% from direct sources, 17.8% from search engines and 14.9% from referrers.

      Meteorite Colision and the Nothingness of Man

      June 24, 2006 on 12:06 am | In Astronomia, To Think, Videos | No Comments

      The video below is a good companion to my last post about the nothingness of man. It’s a japanese video showing what would happen if a giant meteorite hit the Earth.

      Celestia Movie About the Nothingness of Man

      June 23, 2006 on 9:22 am | In Astronomia, To Think, Videos | 3 Comments

      This is a Celestia movie I made to a speech I gave in a University in Sao Paulo. The speech was about the Web 2.0 trend. In the end I’d like to show the audience that regardless all the technological improvement we achieved, we are nothing against the Universe.

      Wikimapia Shows Strange Face Near Arequipa

      June 22, 2006 on 6:09 pm | In Cool, Google, Maps | 1 Comment

      This is a strange face found in the mountain range near Arequipa, Peru. It was found in Wikimapia while I was wandering around.


      Here is the actual wikimapia coordinates.

      My Wikipedia Contrails

      June 20, 2006 on 10:52 am | In Blog, Cool, Vegetarianismo | No Comments

      Below are my Wikipedia contrails (type “” into your browser and see what autocompletes gives you):

      The idea came from this post from Mat Webb.

      Star HR9038 Has Just Passed My Light Cone

      June 20, 2006 on 10:35 am | In Astronomia | No Comments

      HR9038 is 35.2 light years away and was just enveloped by the outer surface of my light cone – my ever-growing sphere of potential causality – which began its expansion from Earth on April 21 1971.

      This light cone idea, from Matt Webb, is a very cool one. Do you know a better way to learn about the nearest stars and track it from time to to me? :-)

      Almost Three Years of Vegetarianism

      June 18, 2006 on 3:59 pm | In Vegetarianismo | 5 Comments

      Next month I’ll complete three years of vegetarianism. I’ve never been a avid meat eater in the past and it could be one of the reasons for my sucessful transition to a vegetarian diet. My wife is a veggie for more than ten years and my three years old boy never ate meat; he’s healthy and his doctor always say that he has the same levels of proteins of the meat eaters.

      Having a veggie wife turned things a little easier, as she helped me in the beginning. I think that the problem is not stop to eat meat (any kind), but learn how to eat other kinds of foods that give you a balanced diet.

      I’ve just noticed that Dave Slusher is in a transition period right now and I wish him success! It’s a very nice time to try different recipes and new kinds of food. When I was in my transition period I noticed that I developed a new taste for strong green vegetables and red sauces. Probably it was because of iron concentration in this kind of food.

      Yes, the body talks and is very wise to learn to hear what your body is trying to tell you. Learn to hear your body and you’ll be ok.

      Super Natan

      June 16, 2006 on 11:21 pm | In Natan | 2 Comments

      I’m testing flickr photo features, so the best image to upload there, in these times of superheros (X-Men, Supermen, Spiderman, etc), is the Super Natan!

      Look below Natan and his super hero white underwear with buddy companions little dog and the giraffe. Plus extra superpower with red claw shoes!

      Super Natan

      Bloomsday Celebration

      June 16, 2006 on 5:47 pm | In Livros | No Comments

      Today, jun 16th, is the Bloomsday! I’ll be at Fnac to follow the celebration.

      Long live to Ulysses and James Joyce!

      — Introibo ad altare Dei.

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