Disney.com likes me!

July 22, 2006 on 8:48 am | In Blog | No Comments

Look at my awstats snapshot below and help me find why the hell is disney.com redirecting traffic to my website. Does someone has a clue?

Lucid Flying Dream

July 15, 2006 on 10:34 am | In Lucid Dreaming | 1 Comment

Today I had another lucid dream. I was on a awesome beautiful beach: deep white sand and marvelous blue ocean, guys surfing on the beach and lots of people lying around.

I just realized that I could be dreaming and did the “pinch my nose” reality check technique and I could still breath while pinching my nose. Gotcha!, I was dreaming. I thought about flying and leave the ground. The feeling was incredible, deep and marvelous. After a few meters from the sand the dream melt down and I wake up. :-(

This was the first lucid dream in a couple of months. I hope it’s the first in a series! :-)

Nice Lucid Dreams!


July 12, 2006 on 9:41 pm | In Cool | No Comments

IdeaFixa is a very nice online magazine from my friend Alicia Ayala. The first edition is about sex! Beware, It’s not work safe but it’s wonderful!
From the back cover:

Sex could be the sexual act itself only, the intercourse, the orgasm. But what is sex about? What kind of things lead to sex? What are the shapes of sex? What will we do to obtain sex? Is sex love?

IdeaFixa enthusiastically invites the diverse artists to visually analyze the erotica, the sensuality, the sexuality, the nudity, the pornography, the fetish, the taboos, the phallic acts, the passion and everything in which sex is involved.

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