Os 30 Melhores Livros que Li Entre 2001 e 2007

August 25, 2007 on 10:55 pm | In Astronomia, Esportes, Google, GTD, Livros, Lucid Dreaming, Música | 54 Comments

Muitos que acessam o meu blog já sabem que adoro livros; quase todos os tipos de livros. Como mantenho um controle dos livros que li, utilizando a dica 1 do meu post 10 Dicas para Você Ler Mais Livros por Ano, ficou fácil pesquisar e entender qual foi o tipo de leitura que mais gostei. Por isso resolvi espremer os livros para que confessassem, mostrando o que mais gostei nestes 6 anos de registros.

A idéia é fazer um série de posts falando dos melhores livros que li nestes anos e compartilhar com as pessoas que gostam tanto de leitura quanto eu. Antes de comprar livros a esmo, ou procurar livros para download, dê uma olhada na relação abaixo. Quem sabe você ache uma pérola dentro dos livros que li? Só atente para o fato que alguns podem ser livros raros e não facilmente encontráveis por aí. Mas nada que um bom sebo não possa resolver. Continue reading Os 30 Melhores Livros que Li Entre 2001 e 2007…

Sonhos Lúcidos Amanhã na 91Rock

August 9, 2007 on 11:07 am | In Lucid Dreaming, Sono | 1 Comment

Amanhã, 10/08/2007 (sexta-feira), das 08:00h às 09:00h entrevista sobre Sonhos Lúcidos no programa 91 minutos da Rádio Rock aqui de Curitiba. Infelizmente não é desta vez que eu serei o entrevistado. Mas quem terá a honra é um fera no assunto: Reginaldo Hiraoka.

Quem não é de Curitiba pode ouvir o programa via Internet.

E quem quiser pode também ver os meus sonhos lúcidos aqui e aqui.

Skateboarding shop Lucid Dream

August 12, 2006 on 5:58 pm | In Cool, Esportes, Lucid Dreaming | 4 Comments

Today I had another lucid dream. I was driving the road when I suddenly saw a skateboarding shop nearby. There was a bunch of carveboards in the front window and they were in different kinds of colours. As I’m a carveboard dealer I decided to investigate it because I’ve never saw these boards before.

The shop was very big, like a big shelter and I saw hundreds of skateboards lying around. I suddenly thought that I could be dreaming. Right away I jump doing a gravity reality check, just to be sure. I jumped and floated slowly throught the ground realizing that I was dreaming. Wow, the instant that you become aware that you’re dreaming is one of the best moments of lucid dreaming. Things get awesome bright and clear and you realize that the brain is a fantastic machine building all this realistic world by himself.

First I got a stapler in a table and throw it many times to the air, getting it again and again, just to see the phisics working properly. After that I got the sales woman, put her upside down and start to talk to her (don’t ask me why)! :-) I even asked to a guy nearby if he would like to talk to her too, but he declined.

The dream became fuzzy and I could not maintain my lucidity and I woke up. Sad but true. :-( :-)

Lucid Flying Dream

July 15, 2006 on 10:34 am | In Lucid Dreaming | 1 Comment

Today I had another lucid dream. I was on a awesome beautiful beach: deep white sand and marvelous blue ocean, guys surfing on the beach and lots of people lying around.

I just realized that I could be dreaming and did the “pinch my nose” reality check technique and I could still breath while pinching my nose. Gotcha!, I was dreaming. I thought about flying and leave the ground. The feeling was incredible, deep and marvelous. After a few meters from the sand the dream melt down and I wake up. :-(

This was the first lucid dream in a couple of months. I hope it’s the first in a series! :-)

Nice Lucid Dreams!

Games and Lucid Dream

March 17, 2006 on 8:07 pm | In Lucid Dreaming | No Comments

edmount journal: Her work shows that gamers report more lucid dreams than the rest of us. So what? Well, lucid dreaming is found in Buddhist meditators and those who pursue other reflective practices.

A Chave dos Sonhos

March 16, 2006 on 9:32 am | In Lucid Dreaming | No Comments

A Superinteressante 224, que está nas bancas, tem como matéria de capa a reportagem: A Chave dos Sonhos. No final fala dos Sonhos Lúcidos.

NYTimes on dreams

November 9, 2005 on 8:31 pm | In Lucid Dreaming, Sonhos, Sono | No Comments

Artigo do New York Times a respeito dos sonhos.

Revista Nature e os Sonhos

November 2, 2005 on 9:31 pm | In Lucid Dreaming, Sonhos, Sono | No Comments

A revista Nature está com um suplemento especial falando dos sonhos. Como eu me me interesso muito por sonhos lúcidos, vou ler os artigos.

Lucid Dream Quest: 300 dreams recorded

May 28, 2005 on 11:13 am | In Lucid Dreaming | No Comments

Today I had my 300th dream recorded in my dream journal since I started the lucid dream study in january, 6th. My dreams recall are getting better but my lucid dreams are getting worst. My lucid dreams were in something like 1/week and now it appears to be changing to 1 every 2 weeks.

Lucid Dream Quest: 2 LD in a row!

April 19, 2005 on 8:01 am | In Lucid Dreaming | No Comments

Had 2 lucids in a row today (april, 19th, 2005). Vividness 4 (from 1 to 5) and ended a 22 days dry spell!!! Did not control anything, just went in the dream flown. The first one last just one minute; the second one several minutes. The first lucid happened between 5:00am and 5:40am. The second one at 06:20am.

In the fist lucid I just “realize” that I was dreaming. In the second one I pinched my nose to do the reality check.

Went to bed at 10:30pm. My son (2 years old) slept with me and my wife. Wake up at 11:20pm to put him on his bed. 4 dreams total for the night. Tried WILD at 03:00am with no success. Got deeply paralysed but just that. I concentrated a lot in the Ajna Chakra (Third Eye, between eyebrows), focusing in a white dot there. At 4:00am my son woke up with a bad cough. I went to the kitchen and got a syrup to him. So, I did a forced WBTB

In the first lucid I slept on the left side and my right nostril was open. In the second lucid I had slept on the left side of the body but both my nostrils were open. The nostrils open/close stuff I took from a experiment in the nasal cycle from the Lucidity Institute. Do not know if it influences the lucid dreams, but I started to put it in my journal also.

I did MILD before sleep and at every time that I woke up after REMs.

Vitamins/pills: I DID NOT took any B complex pills nor Valerian tea for the night.

Food: I ate a hole veggie pizza and drank tea at dinner (8:00pm).

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