Blog do Carve e do Surf

August 18, 2006 on 11:44 pm | In Blog, Esportes | No Comments

A alguns dias atrás criei o Cavadas e Rasgadas, um blog que fala de surf e carveboard. Divertam-se!

Skateboarding shop Lucid Dream

August 12, 2006 on 5:58 pm | In Cool, Esportes, Lucid Dreaming | 4 Comments

Today I had another lucid dream. I was driving the road when I suddenly saw a skateboarding shop nearby. There was a bunch of carveboards in the front window and they were in different kinds of colours. As I’m a carveboard dealer I decided to investigate it because I’ve never saw these boards before.

The shop was very big, like a big shelter and I saw hundreds of skateboards lying around. I suddenly thought that I could be dreaming. Right away I jump doing a gravity reality check, just to be sure. I jumped and floated slowly throught the ground realizing that I was dreaming. Wow, the instant that you become aware that you’re dreaming is one of the best moments of lucid dreaming. Things get awesome bright and clear and you realize that the brain is a fantastic machine building all this realistic world by himself.

First I got a stapler in a table and throw it many times to the air, getting it again and again, just to see the phisics working properly. After that I got the sales woman, put her upside down and start to talk to her (don’t ask me why)! :-) I even asked to a guy nearby if he would like to talk to her too, but he declined.

The dream became fuzzy and I could not maintain my lucidity and I woke up. Sad but true. :-( :-)

The Best Skateboarder of the World

August 5, 2006 on 10:55 pm | In Esportes, Natan | 3 Comments

Below you can see the best skateboarder of the World. No comments, no rankings, no tricks. No one can beat him; no one can achieve what he did. He’s the best, the better, greater, stronger and awesome.
Watch your step, here he comes: Natan!

Natan and his skateboard

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