Almost Three Years of Vegetarianism

Next month I’ll complete three years of vegetarianism. I’ve never been a avid meat eater in the past and it could be one of the reasons for my sucessful transition to a vegetarian diet. My wife is a veggie for more than ten years and my three years old boy never ate meat; he’s healthy and his doctor always say that he has the same levels of proteins of the meat eaters.

Having a veggie wife turned things a little easier, as she helped me in the beginning. I think that the problem is not stop to eat meat (any kind), but learn how to eat other kinds of foods that give you a balanced diet.

I’ve just noticed that Dave Slusher is in a transition period right now and I wish him success! It’s a very nice time to try different recipes and new kinds of food. When I was in my transition period I noticed that I developed a new taste for strong green vegetables and red sauces. Probably it was because of iron concentration in this kind of food.

Yes, the body talks and is very wise to learn to hear what your body is trying to tell you. Learn to hear your body and you’ll be ok.

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  2. Please, speak in English… but vestir português é comigo mesmo. Então, como diríamos um ao outro: animais são amigos, não comida! Saudações!!

  3. Ei, agora já são quatro anos! 🙂

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