Day after day

It’s nice to try a life that is not that same old “home-work-home” way that almost everyone live in this fast paced life that the common human being live these days.

I was at the Bloomsday celebration last thursday, here in Curitiba, at Fnac. It was nice and I could learn a few more things about James Joyce and Ulysses. In the last couple of weeks I’m doing a literature deep dive, reading a lot and writing 2,000 words every day, come hell or high water. This remembers me about an interview where Dave Sim was asked what he did to accomplish a big job that was Cerebus, a 300 issue comic book that took 25 years to complete. The answers? a page a day.

That’s the same answer that I’ve heard from prolific writers like Stephen King (One word at a time), and many others. Every work that you commit yourself to do can be finished if you deserve a time to do a piece of it, every day, day after day.

Well, let’s start page 140 of my work. Just 160 to go… 🙂

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