Burger King

Ok, I’m a vegetarian for one year and a half that just discovered podcasting. That said I’ve saw a post from Julie Leung blog about her two years daughter. She said that her daughter learned two new words “bloggercon and Burger King”. I’m not here to say that Elisabeth does not have to eat meat, no way. I respect the options that people made and expect that people too respect my options.

What I’de like to point is that the meat industry just try to do that; get the people from their infancy and transform they in meat eaters. I also have a two years old boy that did not get any meat since he was born. Natan is a perfect child and all his medical charts are ok. He’s a happy baby that do not eat killed animals (any kind) to live. And we’ll try to show him that he can live a good like without eating any sort of animals to live. And, of course, when he gets old enough to make his own decisions, he’ll choose to stays in a vegetarian diet or not.

Julie, please do not get this personally. I’ve just use your post to show a point.

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