Akregator e Blogs

Now I’m starting to understand the real power of blogs! The trackback feature is, for me, the most important one, because it provides a way to integrate and to notify that someone talked about your blog in his/her blog. I was upset when I’ve heard about that because blogger, the blog that I use, do not have support to trackbacks, but, as Google is your friend, within minutes a located a web site service called Haloscan that provide it. Now I’m a happy blogger user that is trackback enabled. 🙂

And to continue in the search of the Holly Grail of Blog, the ultimate truth about this wonderful tool, I now have an rss news agregator software installed in my Linux machine. It’s a kde aplicattion called, you guess, Akregator. It’s cool and works ok to me. It is tray integrated, and when not open, the akregator shows the number of posts that are not read yet in the tray windows. Cool!

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