A Lucid Blink

That night I had a very quick lucid dream. It was like a blink. I saw myself in a room full of doors. In each door I saw copies of me with a modified face and body. It was like that house of mirrors in carnivals. I saw the doors and the others Me in a two dimension shapes. In that moment I realize that that I was dreaming. In that exactly moment I woke up.

Well, it’s not a bad restart. It was 10 days since my last lucid and I am very glad to have this new one. It doesn’t matter if it was just a blink. What matters is that I’m back to lucid dreams!!

From my records:

Total     -> 116 dreams, 9 lucids ( 7.75%), since January 6th.
February  ->  43 dreams, 4 lucids ( 9,30%)
January   ->  49 dreams, 5 lucids (10,10%)

Lucid Blogger, I’m back in the lovely world of Lucid Dreams!!

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