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Yesterday I registered in the excelent Dream Views site. It has a very good content and a really cool discussion forum. My first post was about a kind of mental lucid block that I’m having right now. The answer says that this kind of mental block is know to the lucid dreamers as Dry Spell. It can comes from a lot of factors: stress, food, mental tricks and so on. It’s good to be part of a community that study lucid dream; you get more confident and confortable.

In a comment from a previous post Lucid Blogger compared the lucid dream rate the him and I had in the january and february. I was much more sucessfull than Lucid Blogger, but I think this is because a number of factor. The first one is beginers luck. I also think that because of my wife and kid were on vacation in the beach, I had a very calm house and could dedicate a lot of time to study and to sleep. Last month, from several days I used to go to sleep around 10:00pm; some nights even at 09:00pm. Right now I’m having poor dream recall and almost no lucid dreams.

The good news is that the fellows from Dream Views told me that the Dry Spells come and go. Let’s get this thing out of me! I want to Lucid Dream again; the sooner, the better!

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