Dream Recalls

Updating my lucid dream quest…

In the past 8 weeks, including the current one, I recalled 100 dreams, good number! I like statistics and think it’s a good way to improve my study of lucid dreaming. Thinking about that I looked in my annotations and saw how many dreams I recalled every day. In the table below you can see the numbers of dreams recalled per week since the begining of my lucid dream study:

week 4 - 16 (1 lucid)
week 3 - 12
week 2 - 16 (3 lucids)
week 1 - 10

week 4 - 11 (2 lucids)
week 3 - 16 (2 lucids)
week 2 - 12 (1 lucid)
week 1 - 07

Week 4 of february will end tomorrow and probably it will be a new record since I started. Just one more dream recalled and I bet it.

It’s good to see the data in this way. As I said in a previous post I thoght I had been passing to a bad dream recalling time, but it’s not what the table said to me. So, good news! I’m having a better dream recalling season!!

And I’m starting to fell a trend about the dream/reality checks. I started to do reality checks without thinking about it. Probably the tons of reality checks that I did in the previous weeks became impressed in my brain. Cool, let’s do more tons of reality check! 🙂

The only think that is not soo good it’s the lucid dreams. Four lucids in february agains 5 in january. Having 3 more nights to go I still have a chance to tie january.

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