Rusty Boing Boing Shipping Containers in Brazil

Today I was coming back from a travel when I found these two rusty Boing Boing  shipping containers along the road. I stoped right away and took the picture below! 🙂

The containers are located near Curitiba (PR) Brazil, around 30km from downtown, south way at BR116.

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7 Responses to Rusty Boing Boing Shipping Containers in Brazil

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  2. Ed says:

    Sick. Good eye.

  3. Tanner says:

    The gravel in the foreground presents a texture similar to lunar compositions. I like the style and am curious which camera you used for this shot. The EXIF data is not on flickr…


  4. Hi Tanner!

    I used a Sony Cybershot T-30.

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